Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dark matter - Balenciaga

Mirror mirror on the wall.... Ah hang on who is that staring at the wall? 

Wow this Steven Klein shot for the Balenciaga autumn campaign is stunning. 

Would you belive it features Gisele Bunchen. We are so used to seeing her with long locks she is pretty much unrecognizable (in a good way). 

Alexander Wang now at the helm of Balenciaga told  WWD, "This is how I see Gisele for Balenciaga; strong, powerful, mysterious and uncompromising."

With that brief I think the creative team nailed it!  Such a moody and evoking image. 

What do you think? Do you like Gisele's buzz cut? 

Xo DJ 


Thursday, 26 June 2014


WHO Janette
WHAT going to meet with DJ and Sofia for some secret squirrel business ;)
CAPE: Bardot (Yes, I have it in black too)
TOP: L'america 
SKIRT: Witchery (perfect length, over the knee)

Friday, 20 June 2014

On The Fashion Trail...

Lucky’s in the QT hotel is fast becoming my favorite night spot. With it’s great atmosphere, cocktails and carefully curated events it ticks so many boxes. 

Last night Janette and I popped by Lucky’s for their first Fashion Trail Event that exhibited items from some of Canberras independent boutiques. 

Clothing stores Gettrude Botique, Mussen, Pink Ink with Eye Candy put on a fashion feast sparking my slight obsession with a pink the Trelise Cooper coat below. There is something about interesting lining that gets me every time. 

Love these frames

Faux fur coat get in my closet now

These pants are amazing

Winter warmer right here

L-R: Paul (Jan's other half), Janette, Sarah from QT hotel and Daniella.

We caught up with Sarah the Executive Marketing Coordinator for QT hotel, and of course couldn't help but take snaps of her outfit. 

Sarah was wearing Bohoo skirt a black top from Supre that she made into a crop top with some crafty scissor work. Sarah's tip was to invest in quality accessories such as a Mosochino belt and make that the feature of your look. 

Sarah's other fashion tip was to raid your parents wardrobe as you might find gems like her dad's Gucci watch below. 

Fashion forward Jiawa Liu from Closet Voyage shows us that wearing a skirt backwards is a creative way to refresh a trusted wardrobe staple. 

Sophie Ranson from Happy Snapper illustrates what we all know... "you can't go wrong with black". 

Jan in monochromatic magic
Daniella (me) in Finders Keepers From Alice Be Curious

So it turns out that Jan and I have this freakish ESP when it comes to dressing for events. We both opted for monochrome. I like to think my outfit was inspired by Beatle Juice vs the 60's ;) 

Can't wait for the next Fashion Trail. 
Xo - DJ 


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Winter Street Style Inspo

Just going online for some inspo for tomorrow's freezing day. Enjoy xo


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Who What Wear - Daniella June Week 2.

WHO Daniella

WHAT Heading to lunch on my work break rocking my new favourite pair of drop crotch pants.

Handbag: Michael Kors
Jacket: Honey and Beau
Pants: Finders Keepers
Heels: Wittner Shoes


Friday, 13 June 2014

Cape take one

WHO Janette
WHAT Walking in my Urban Soul cutout boots in the city

Handbag: PRADA
Cape: Bardot
Black top: L'america (Most comfortable fabric ever)
Belt: Oxford
SKIRT: Portman's (What I like to call the rock n' roll skirt)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Launch of 'The Australian Women's Weekly Fashion: The First Fifty Years'

 The night @the National Library

It was amazing to veiw some of Charlotte Smith's extensive private collection which now has over 8,000 pieces. I mean, where would you store them? We spend the night rubbing shoulders with Deborah Thomas, Kristie Clements and the stylish from Canberra. We were treated to a fashion parade through the decades from Charlottes collection, some of these styles were so classic and you could still wear them today and others were deffinatley from the 70's. It's the evolution of fashion, it made me think about the designers process and how they continuosly reinvent styles that have been around for decades.
  Charlotte Smith owner of the extensive collection

Haus Models wearing some pieces from the collection
 Me, Deborah Thomas and Sofia Polak

 Up close and personal....

Vintage real fur trim coat                        Delicate head piece

The gorgeous Sofia in a mixture of textures holding a vintage snakeskin clutch  
           Chevron with red                   Mother's aqua 80's vintage dress
Enjoying the company with the ever stylish Sarah Kelly and Sofia Polak

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

You've only got $100 dollars left before pay day...

One day left until pay day and you have a spare $100 to indulge. What to buy? Check out our picks! 

Buy it now: 
  1. Witchery Leather Spliced top 
  2. Witchery Coated Zipper Hem Tee
  3.  Rad beanie, Sportsgirl
  4. Tusk Animal Top, Bardot
  5. Wool felt floppy hat, Marc $79.00
Happy humpday.


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

James Forchione - Blonde, Italian, Artist

The Fashion Illustrator
Fashion and art go hand in hand together, and when I caught up with the talented James I found out some interesting facts about him. London based Fashion Illustrator James Forchione, a graduate of London College of Fashion has already carved a strong reputation among the fashion world. A regular on the front row at fashion week, James manages to effortlessly capture designers collections as they make their way down the prestigious runway. I had to know Forchiones story. I was intrigued by his ability to capture things he see's, usually within 15 seconds. This is one talented young man.
He agreed to do a quick sketch one of my designs from my Spring Summer collection. I was super excited and checked my email almost everyday to see if James had finished it. I love it and one day I will blow it up and hang it on my wall. 

My curiosity continued so I asked...

Did you go art school or is it self taught?
Yes I studied at art school before being offered a place at London College of Fashion where the tutors nurtured my skills. 

Where did your love of fashion come from?
Funnily enough I never set out to be a Fashion Illustrator, I was never really interested in fashion to be honest. I just knew I loved to sketch human anatomy with or without clothes.  My tutor advised me consider fashion illustration as a career and i have never looked back. 

Who would you like to collaborate with next?
I always say Chanel would be my dream collaboration. Fingers crossed. 

What cool campaigns have you worked on?
Hmm, well I have been fortunate to work with some great Designers and I still have to pinch myself sometimes. But My coolest would have to be Tim Hamilton in New York, this campaign is special to me because it was my first. I was still studying at university when they contacted me. 

Have you been to Australia?
I haven't unfortunately, its definitely a country i would love to visit. Lets hope work brings me out that way. I will pack my surfboard!

One thing quirky about yourself?
I have been told my eyebrows are pretty quirky, but i would say maybe my taste in eyewear. I think having a nice pair of glasses is one of the most important accessories a man can own.

Coffee or tea in the morning? 
COFFEE! I cannot function without it. 

For more quick sketches follow James @

Twitter - FashIllustrator
Instagram - thefashionillustrator


Rhi Rhi takes home the Fashion Icon Award at this year’s CFDA Awards

Each year the CFDA recognises the outstanding contributions to American fashion by individuals from all areas of the industry and related fields. Amongst the awards there is the prestigious Fashion Icon award.

This award is for an individual whose style has made a significant impact on popular culture on an international stage. The caliber for the award has always been high with a past winners list that includes Lady Gaga, Iman, Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman.

Rihanna was crowned this year’s winner. But this is no surprise. She has consistently been shown to take fashion risks and experiment with looks. She also has the support of many fashion designers.

Designer Zac Posen has hailed the song birds as someone who “takes risks, and she marches to her own drum and she knows what she likes.”

Arriving at the Lincoln Centre Rhi Rhi didn’t disappoint the crowd. Known for her bold and dramatic choices Rihanna wears a customs made Adam Seman gown.

This floor length gown features a delicately thin racer back and is made from an equally delicate sheer Swarovski crystal fabric showing off the many tattoos that adorn Rihanna’s body.  The fur stole adds some modesty (emphasis on the some) and the matching cap adds a 1920’s feel. 

Despite the audaciousness of the outfit Rihanna wears it well walking tall and with confidence. She is telling the world she doesn't give a f*@k. Perhaps this outfit choice was a swipe at Instagram sending a message that she can and will share her nips with the world?  

Steven Kolb, CEO of CFDA stated “We are proud to present Rihanna with the CFDA Fashion Icon Award for her impact on the industry as fashion’s most exciting ambassador in recent memory,”

We agree with Steven and look forward to seeing this fashion icon continue to evolve.

xo - DJ

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