Sunday, 11 May 2014

Designer spotlight: Reneira

Reneira sure made an impression at the opening night of Fashfest 2014 by showcasing a diverse and cohesive collection which left us wanting more. Each piece was beautifully constructed in a mix of textures including lace and a unique print. TFV spoke to sister-duo Danielle and Taliya Blom who are behind the newly founded label.

There are so many brilliant established and talented Australian designers making their mark in the fashion industry globally. What do you hope your label will bring to the industry? Are you targeting a niche market?
We take pride in knowing that we have the opportunity to be a part of the growing fashion industry in Australia. Reneira provides runway worthy looks that can easily transcend into everyday life. I think a lot of times young women shy away from “designer labels” in fear that the look will be too conceptual. Our clothes are designed to appeal to a wide range of women whilst still providing an opportunity to promote individuality.

What excites you about the collection you chose to showcase at Fashfest on opening night? Which is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

What is your aesthetic and who is your ideal 'Reneira' girl?
Our aesthetic is sophisticated, feminine and edgy. The ideal ‘Reneira’ girl likes to dress it up, has a bit of an edge, is fashion conscious, but takes pride in individual style.

The fashion industry can bring many successes and challenges. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own fashion label?
Figure out what your aesthetic is, who you are designing for and focus on what makes you unique from everybody else.

It was exciting to see our collection on the catwalk. We have never done a runway before and had no preconceptions about what to expect. We also took delight in witnessing the reception from audience members in regards to individual pieces and the aesthetic of the collection. Our favorite piece is the outfit that our first model Courtney wore. It’s a black blazer with our unique hand dyed printed lining covering a lace crop. Paired with cotton pants also made out of our hand dyed print. I think that this look sums up Reneira quite well. We incorporated femininity through the lace crop, edge through the hand dyed printed pants and then made the look versatile and wearable by adding a blazer.

Reneria at Fashfest 2014
And finally what is next for 'Reneira?
We hope to continue developing our label and expand our reach to a wider market.  We also hope to expand our collaborations and connections and become more immersed in the Canberra fashion industry.



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