Saturday, 8 June 2019

Who What Wear - Beige renegade

Need some long weekend style inspo? Check out my shoot with Nyakiir, local student and athlete.

Deejay: Why did you choose to wear this today?
Nyakiir: I went with this outfit because it just simple in the eye and wanted to be comfortable but still stylish at the same time.

Deejay: What’s your favourite store in Canberra and why?
NyakiirL My favourite store for clothing I would have to say ally fashion in Belconnen mall and for just general things I would have to say Kmart because both stores are affordable and they have everything.

Deejay: What’s one item that’s always in your handbag?
Nyakiir: Vasaline jelly for my lips.

Deejay: Who is your style icon?
Nyakiir: Rihanna and Kendall Jenner they both never go wrong.

Deejay: What’s the best piece of fashion advice that has been shared with you?
Nyakiir: Don’t wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable

Check out more of her style on IG @nyakiirdau


Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Who What Wear: Boho meets sheike

Confession time. I’ve secretly been crushing on Sophia and her seemingly endless wardrobe. So it was time I pulled her aside and snapped her for the Fashion Vault.

Check out Sophia’s style and my Q&A with her

Deejay:  Tell me a bit about your outfit, why did you choose to be shot in this?
Sophia: I chose this outfit because it's who I felt like being that day. My wardrobe is so versatile it allows me to be anyone I want to be. I can't always explain it, I will just throw pieces together and be like, yeah, this is me today.

Deejay: Describe your style in three words:
Sophia: Normally my style is sheike, classic and a statement, but today it is boho and sheike.

Deejay: What’s your favourite store in Canberra and why?
Sophia: Bardot. It always has pieces that fit my style. Both work appropriate and weekend wear. If ever I need a last minute outfit, this is usually where I will find it.

Deejay: What’s one item that’s always in your handbag?
Sophia: Too faced Lip Injection lip plumper from Mecca.

Deejay: Who’s your style icon?
Sophia: Nicki Minaj – I just love her wild outfits, although impractical for real life, it’s totally who I would channel if I were famous. She so bad ass. If I’m being more practical, then Blake Lively is my style icon.

Deejay: What’s the best piece of fashion advice that has been shared with you?
Sophia: My mum used to own a clothing store when I was younger and so everything I know is because of her. She would never let me wear what was cool when I was a kid and she would always say to me, ‘dress for your body, not because it’s in right now’ and honestly it’s the best advice, especially because I ended up being a curvy girl who needs to be more conscious and choose wisely. And my mum taught me how to do that. Because of her I can trick people into thinking I’m smaller than I am 😉.

|| Outfit breakdown || 

Hat: Brixton Mfg Co – Borrowed from my brother 😉
Jacket: Big W
T-shirt: Big W 
Skirt: Sheike
Boots: Mollini (current season)
Bag: Bardot (current season)

Check out more of Sophia's style on instagram. 

Images by @wearefoundau


Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Who What Wear - The classic's denim and vans

I’ve been busy talent scouting and stumbled upon Akuol. She's a  fresh faced local student who was a pleasure to shoot. She describes her style as vintage, unique and comfortable. Check out my my mini shoot and fashion Q&A with her.

Deejay: Tell me about your outfit, why did you choose to wear this today?
Akoul: I choose this outfit because it is comfortable.

What’s your favourite store in Canberra and why?
Akoul: My favourite store has probably got to be Ally because it’s cheap and fits my body well.

Deejay: What’s one item that’s always in your handbag?
Akoul: Vaseline!

Deejay: Who is your style icon?
Akoul: @chantellem 

Deejay: What’s the best piece of fashion advice that has been shared with you?
Akoul:  “Knowing your body type is the basic thing to know about yourself. Everything works around this.”

|| Outfit break dow|| 
Shoes: Hype. 
 Pants: Vinnies

Check out more of her style on IG follow @Akuol.Dau

Shot by me too (@wearefoundau)


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Trend inspo: How to wear a jumper like a street style queen

Styling jumpers with skirts is my new go-to! This jumper is from Cotton On and it’s a crop so it tucks in quite nicely giving me more length in my legs.

I chose to pair it with this silk-esque skirt because the textures are so different. It creates some serious luxe feels.
Tuck your hair into the neck hole to nail the street style queen look. Fake a bob and have some fun, just own it and have some fun.
If you're feeling daring, try a bubble gum pink or zesty orange for your next jumper purchase. Just because its about to be winter doesn’t mean you have to wear black all.the.time!

||Outfit details || 

Knee high boots: Nordstrom

I'd love to hear it! Have you been wearing this combo too?!

Muse, words and styling by @thestatementlife

Photography DJ @wearefoundau

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Monday, 27 May 2019

Who What Wear - Green with fashion envy

Guess who's back at it with street style!? This week I got to catch up with the gorgeous Claire Mackey! Claire works for the National Gallery of Australia, is also a Uni student studying visual arts/painting. To add to this list she is also a rock climbing/yoga girl, model, and plant mother. I'm definitely a fan of her styling! I was green envy to find out this look is all second hand (again highlighting that you and look amazing for less!).

 Enjoy my mini shoot and style Q&A with Claire.

Deejay: Tell me about your outfit, why did you choose to wear this today?
Claire: I try to dress practically, my style is derived from function. In Canberra Autumn/winter, I need to dress for multiple climates and for the amount of walking I do, and pants do the job. They allow me to not worry about a skirt flying up in the cold wind. When working in the art studios at uni however, it’s super warm inside, especially when working with life models. So it can be a tricky balance to get right. I need a large jacket for the freezing outside, but be able to strip off to basically summer clothes for the indoors.

This look ended up being a bit editorial, with the mix of textures and colours. That seems to happen with me when organising shoots. The creative side of me takes over, I can’t help it!

Deejay:Describe your style in three words?
Claire: Practical, climate sensitive, limitless.

Deejay: What’s your favourite store in Canberra and why?
Claire: I can’t narrow it to one, but mainly second hand stores as a whole. I prefer giving unwanted clothing a new lease on life, and not getting caught up in brand names.

It makes me think of Shakespeare’s famous quote from Romeo + Juliette: ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.’

It highlights how associations with names can throw us and evoke a certain perception. How much does a (brand) name really mean? I can’t rationalise unquestioned love for something only because of a big brand name, or underrating something for its lack of ‘name’. Many times, I have found the quality of the ‘big brand name’ garment doesn’t match or live up to the supposed status of the label. That’s not to discredit all labels, but there are certainly some out there that don’t match the hype of the name.

Deejay: What’s one item that’s always in your handbag?
Claire: A multitool haha 😂. It’s handy to have as a ‘do it’ kind of person and an artist, because you never know when you’ll need some pliers, scissors, or a screw driver to help your colleague fix their glasses (true story).

Deejay: Who is your style icon?
Claire:  My mum, grandmothers, and sister. They have been a major style influence in my life.
Outside of family, I love @gabriellecaunesil, she seems like such a strong woman, who also doesn’t mind a vintage piece, embracing a multitude of styles from dainty to badass, and keeping my French language up to date. 🇫🇷

Deejay:What’s the best piece of fashion advice that has been shared with you?
Claire: ‘Bring a jacket so you’re warm’. - Mum

|| Outfit breakdown || 
This whole look is second hand <3 
Jacket: Material Pleasures, Fyshwick. 
Top: Facebook Marketplace. 
Pants: Preloved from my sister, altered for a perfect fit.
Belt: From a dress in my wardrobe.
Shoes: ‘Wittner’ preloved from Vinnies. 
Earrings: Old school ‘Diva’ jewellery.

Such a pleasure to shoot! Check out more of her fabulous style on instagram! 


Friday, 24 May 2019

Foodie Friday Flashback to Vapiano's First Birthday

Before I went to the states on a food and musical adventure I was celebrated Vapiano’s first birthday here in Canberra.

I come from a Croatian background so I have grown up on cured meats and great pasta. Vapiano serves this up to Canberran’s at a great price point too!

With Evie by my side we were treated to pizza, pasta, gin cocktails and a dessert course. Here is a snap shot of the great evening.
Evie and Deejay (Image supplied Vapiano) 

Evie and Deejay (Image supplied Vapiano) 

Evie and Deejay (Image supplied Vapiano) 

The highlight of my night was sampling pretty much ALL of the desserts. It astounds me how much I can eat and well let’s face it there is always room for desert.

I couldn't choose between the home made white chocolate cheesecake AND the Nutella cheesecake. If your on the fence like me I would  recommend just ordering both and mixing them. No judgments here!

Some snaps of my favourite peeps too!

With the winter settling in to Canberra my craving for comfort food increase. I know where I will be booking!


Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The little red dress is the new LBD

Put your hands up if you own a little black dress! Yep me too, I own several and wear each to death. There is a reason why the LBD is so famous, it goes with anything and can be worn anywhere - it literally is the epitome of versatility. However, this season it is all about the LRD - little red dress!

Why? Well red is the perfect Autumnal colour and the perfect colour pop to brighten up your winter wardrobe. For me, I am finding as I get older I am gravatating towards brighter colours more and more find them more flattering for me. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing all-black and I dont think that will ever change, no matter my age but my style is evolving, perhaps maturing as I inject more colour into my wardrobe.

A little red dress is on trend but the perfect staple, it is almost just as versatile as your little black dress but more fun and vibrant!

This knitted style is the perfect LRD as you can dress it up or down and it's cut would suit all body shapes including curvy, hour glass and if you are straight up and down (like me!) cause you can sinch in your waist with the tie.

For day team it up with a printed kitten heel and or a tanned boot and with a light trench to create the perfect atumnal look.

For night, elevate this look with statement accessories such as this belted bag with metallic accents and finish with an oversized pair of gold earrings.

I always love mixing a classic look with on-trend accessories!

||Outfit details || 
Trench: Cue

What do you think? Are you converted? Will you be replacing your little black dress with an LRD?

Words and styling by Sofia Polak @sofiapolakstyle
Photography @wearafoundau

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Monday, 20 May 2019

Who what wear: Make something old new again

Being a stylist and fashion photographer I can’t deny my love for clothing. I am almost certain I was a blue jay in some past life as I have a love affair for collecting shiny items.

However, over the last few years I have been more conscious with how much I buy and have been trying to recycle items in my wardrobe. I am always trying to think of novel ways of wearing things and layering. Our girl Sarafina is the queen for this go check out her instagram.

This year Sarafina and Sofia teamed up again to organise the fashion parade at the Canberra Show, showcasing looks solely from the Salvation Army.

I was lucky enough to score this blazer and ‘crop’ from the show. The jacket fits me like a glove! Now here’s the secret. This crop was originally a dress but there was no chance in hell it would fit over my booty. So, after having a chat with Sarafina we thought it would be cool to have it altered into a crop top instead.

This is something I can now layer over a business shirt for a corporate look, or simply worn with jeans and heels for a more relaxed look.

The blazer is something I also regularly wear to my corporate job. It’s also a boss lady item for the weekends too.

So what’s the moral of the story? Think outside of the box! Look to your own wardrobe for items you can alter to give them a new lease on life, and do check out the local op shop stores. We don’t have to spend big to look fab. And for the record,I pretty much saw this exact jacket and crop combo in H&M when I was in Chicago just recently.

What’s your favourite op-shop in Canberra?

Photography: Janette Lenk @thestatementlife

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