Wednesday, 11 September 2019

How to style your spring dress two ways: Day to night

SNAP, false alarm! Feels like winters back.

Don't be too quick to put your jumpers away, keep them to the front of your cupboard so you can layer your spring dresses.

There is so much morning, sun temptation to put away your knits BUT don't do it yet.

I went on a little spring, dress shopping spree two weeks ago. I wanted to stock up on some fresh dresses, ready for spring. I found this one from Ally. It has quickly become my go-to as it is SO versatile.


1. How to style it for day

As it is still chilly, I layered this cute knitted jumper over the top this dress. It's an easy weekend solution if you are heading to brunch or lunch.

The key to layering knits over dresses is to:
  • layer it with a finer knit (so you don't look bulky)
  • choose one that is fitted (again so you don't look bulky)
  • wear a belt (so you can give yourself a waist)

Dresses are SO easy (I can picture you nodding at the screen while you read this). If you have a good range of black boots, sandals and pumps, you'll be set.

2. How to style it for night

In this case, less is more. With this printed dress you don't need much, so let it do the talking, red pumps or over the knee boots will do the trick and keep you warm.

Look at how fancy this dress is now just by swapping out the boots (ankle to over the knee) and getting rid of the knitted jumper??

Two completely different looks with ONE dress. 

If you want to bring out your spring dresses (and be warm), try layering with a knit you can still look cute!
|| Outfit details || 

Dress Ally, Canberra Outlet 

Muse, words and styling by @thestatementlife
Photography DJ @wearefoundau

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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Spring day to night

Spring is finally here, hooray!!!
It means that we can start showing some skin again so get your razor out and shave those amazing legs of yours.
We are in Canberra though which means we still need to keep some of our winter woollies handy.
Every girl knows that Bec & Bridge little dresses are the 2019 wardrobe staple. I’ve taken one of my favourite Spring frocks and styled it for day and night. These two looks can also be used for when the weather goes from cool to warm during this time of year.
Look 1 – day

This season turtlenecks are still going strong and some extra warmth on the days when it still feels like winter. A classic black works perfectly under this Bec & Bridge cute LBD with a cherry print. Finish the look with stockings and leather boots with a heel because you are badass and want everyone to know it.
Look 2 – night 

Did you just break up with someone? This outfit is the ultimate revenge on your ex! It’s short, stylish and hot!. Why wear plain black shoes when you can make even more of a statement with a pop of red? 

Complete it with a sexy black leather jacket and you’ll have whoever you want eating out of the palm of your hand. The leather jacket never fails, and I doubt this look will either. Pop it on for a night on the town!

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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Our Spring fashion haul from Pretty Little Thing

It's officially September and we are officially excited for Spring! We are ready for colour, light flowy fabrics, cute clutches and showing some skin.

So of course we are delighted to have been invited to a preview of Pretty Little Thing's latest collection for Spring.

We were inspired by so many of the pieces to style for a night out, dinner and drinks but in the end chose looks which best represent our own individual styles!

DJ - Bright, bold and flare

This season go bold and make sure you invest in something bright and in a fun print! Celebrate the warmer season with colour and flare. Flares are on trend and are super flattering, especially when worn with high heels or a platform.

Sofia - Classic and chic

You can't go wrong with understated elegance and this white gold button blazer dress is the lazy girl's answer to heading out in style. It's effortless yet sophisticated and one of these season's must-haves. This look requires a patent pump or a strappy heel and a black square clutch - oh and a self-tan is essential!

        Get the look here! White Gold Button Blazer Dress | Black square clutch

Janette - Leopard print, ruffles and accesories 

Our fave print - leopard print, has been on-trend throughout the last season and we love that it is sticking around for Spring. We would even go as far to say it is a wardrobe staple for many! We think this leopard print slip dress would be the perfect addition to your Spring dress collection.

Hair accessories are also a trend we are loving and add a bit of glamour and girliness to your look. Dust off your fave pair of statement sunnies and coloured heels and you are officially ready for Spring!

What's on your Spring wish list?

Words @sofiapolakstyle
Photography by @wearefoundau

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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Sustainability series #1 - your wardrobe

This is the first post in a series focused on sustainability. In a world where we are becoming more conscious and aware of our impact on the planet, sustainability is something we can introduce into every aspect of our lives. One being our wardrobes! 

My style is very simple – I opt for neutrals, fairly classic and casual outfits (I fully support activewear all day every day, who’s with me?). However, this also leads me to not be super creative with my outfits. You know when you have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe, but you are always pairing the same items together? That’s me, every week, I wear my outfits over and over! If this is you, keep reading to find out what you can do.

Outfit details | top: Country Road, blazer: Asos, pants: lululemon, shoes: Novo

I truly believe that the minimalism and sustainability journey is a continuous one. If you’re joining us on this journey, our first step in the process is to assess our wardrobes!

I had style queen, photographer, activewear designer and all round boss babe Deejay, come over to help me with my wardrobe woes. I like to be quite minimal and felt my wardrobe was overflowing and needed Deejay’s help to cull some items that were no longer bringing me joy #konmari.

Deejay and I at the ANU Fashion and Beauty Society event earlier this year! 

Here are my main lessons from this wardrobe session!

Tip #1 | Be more adventurous with pairings

I wanted to learn what items I could pair together and having a second opinion really helps with that! Now, you don’t have to find a stylist to do this with you, you could call upon a trusted friend, partner or your Instagram community…  

Go through each item, or if you’re short on time, go through the items that you’re unsure of and see what you can pair it within your wardrobe. If you don’t love it (and won’t wear it), or can’t pair it with anything in your wardrobe, donate it!*

I thought this dress was too 'special' to wear to work as I'd worn it to weddings previously. I was challenged to wear it to work within two weeks! (Challenge accepted)

Outfit details | dress: Tokito

Do you have a jacket that you would only wear with a particular pair of jeans? Try it with another outfit! Or do you have a top that you bought, that you are unsure what to wear with? Test it out!! You won’t know until you try it on!

Tip #2 | Lose the categorisation

I learned that I can wear clothes to work that I had mentally assigned a ‘casual’ category to. I quite literally split my wardrobe up by workwear and casual wear… But in this age of sustainable living, this is not the way to go! We want to maximise usage of each item (thank you Deejay)!

I had categorised these pants as casual wear only and Deejay challenged me to wear them to work within the next two weeks! (Challenge accepted)

  Outfit details | top: Red Cross Shops, blazer: Decjuba, pants: Cloth, shoes: Bellini

Now, on the wellbeing side of things. First thing in the morning may not be the best time for all of us to sort through our wardrobes to find that perfect outfit. I would recommend spending a few minutes the night before, pairing items, trying them on if you need, and setting it to one side ready for you to put on the next morning!

By sorting this out the night before, you’re reducing the number of decisions you need to make the next morning, clearing your mind of some clutter and creating space for your mind to process other things.

Outfit details | dress, Tokito, blazer: Asos, shoes: Novo

Where can I donate to?

*On donations, there are broadly three types of donations that you can make.

Recycled - where the clothes are recycled and the fabric is used for another purpose.

Sold - the second is where the item is donated to an op shop and it is resold to other people, and those proceeds go to people in need. The Australian Red Cross is my go to – did you know that the Red Cross Shops turned unwanted clothing and household items into $5.4 million in the last 12 months, all this money goes to helping those in need through the various programs!

Donated - The third is where the item is donated to a charitable organisation and provided directly to someone in need.

Depending on where you live, you may have one, or all of these options. Make an assessment on what you intend to donate. General rule is.. if you wouldn’t gift it to a friend, don’t go for option two or three.

So happy that you’re joining me on this sustainability journey! Keep an eye out for the next post in this series. We will be chatting to some sustainability gurus and learning more about how we can continue to improve on this journey!

What do you want to learn more about? Let us know your sustainability tips!


Monday, 26 August 2019

How to inject style into 9-5

Do you feel like you wear the same thing to work every day? Do you end up in the same rotation of outfits for work because a) it seems easy, b) saves time in the morning, and c) it ends up being a habit?

I get it, who has the time to put in the same amount of effort you normally would for the weekend or a night out. But dressing for 9-5 shouldn't leave you feeling uninspired or bored.

It's so much easier than it seems! With just a little forethought and forward planning, you can achieve a versatile wardrobe that works for both work and play.

Unless you work in a really corporate workplace or wear a uniform, then there is no reason to put your style on hold for the weekend, and even then you can use accessories or a great lipstick to inject some style into your everyday.

The key is to invest in a few pieces you love, which you would normally save for the weekend, to incorporate into your workwear reporteoire.

This leapord print top from Portmans is the perfect feature item to liven up your work wardrobe. It is button up and long-sleeved so it is appropriate for work and can easily be teamed with your work staples such as a black suit. The top comes with a necktie which elevates your look but can also be worn without.

On the weekends, dress it down with a pair of jeans or denim shorts and dress sneakers.

For this winter look, I loved teaming it up with a classic houndstooth coat, a knitted skirt and a pair of over-the-knee boots.

With Spring around the corner, this look can be worn without tights and the boots can be swapped for a metallic flat or a favourite work staple - a classic pump.

What are some of the feature items you would like to have as part of your work wardrobe?

SP xox

Words and styling by @sofiapolakstyle
Photography by: @wearefoundau

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Saturday, 17 August 2019

The same jumpsuit two ways

I hope you’re getting as excited as I am because spring is almost upon us! But until then, let’s all enjoy the final moments of winter by having fun with some of our favourite winter looks. For me, 2019 has been all about layering. It means channelling our best 1995 Alicia Silverstone selves and putting a whole lot of unexpected items together. This black jumpsuit from Portmans is the perfect garment to interchange. Here is how I did it.

Look 1 – casual

You can’t go past the closet staple of a printed white tee when it comes to layering. This paired with the black jumpsuit reminds me of something I would wear as a toddler and to be honest, I’m all about a cute vibe!
If you try this look at home, you could even go the extra step by popping some braids in your hair. I finished this casual look with some black converse – the ultimate outfit for a lazy Sunday.

Look 2 – fancy & fun

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… You may have heard of a TV show called ‘The Bold Type’ which can be watched on Stan… Basically, it’s the show where I get all my fashion inspo from. One of the main characters ‘Sutton’ wore an outfit similar to this on a recent episode and I made it my mission to replicate it.
 This bright and frilly blouse contrasts really nicely with such a simple jumpsuit. With heels thrown in too, I’d say it’s the perfect date outfit for a Friday night. Now someone find me a date pls?! #SINGLELIFE
Like I said, spring is just around the corner so instead of being upset about the lack of skin you’ve shown as of late, make the most of these colder days with some amazing winter fashion.

Until then


Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Date night styling

Sarafina styles an amazing date night look. 

Did someone say date night?

Ladies I understand that winter date nights consist of being indoors and being warm. But the weather shouldn’t stop you looking your best or keep you confined to your home. Here is an outfit that will have you feeling warm, and ready to brace the cold head on.

While most people tend to gravitate towards dark colours in Winter, I encourage you to not shy away from bold colours! When deciding on what colour to wear, be mindful of what’s complimentary to your skin tone and don’t be afraid to step away from black.

As a woman it is important to feel your best so do what makes you feel beautiful. The key is effortless, have one statement piece and everything else can be neutral. So that could be the dress, the shoes, bag, or even your coat.

This is the kind of look you can wear anything you want under it. You can wear your thickest pair of stockings or even a turtleneck for that extra warmth.

To pull the look together I added a bold lip, shimmery eyes, and nail polish. Not only does it elevate the outfit but it can be easily achieved. For me high-heel boots are an essential, as anything you can layer is ideal.

For warmer states this is the perfect date night look, all that is needed is a coat and a strappy heeled sandals.

Remember be fun and exciting, don’t let the weather rain on your parade.

|| Outfit break down ||
Boots || FSW 
Dress || Portmans - Canberra Outlet
Jacket || Forcast - Canberra Outlet 
Bag || Models Own 
Earrings || The Statement life 

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