Thursday, 18 July 2019

That’s a wrap!

Evie wearing the classic wrap dress styled for Canberra's winter
The classic wrap dress has been around for years. The style rose to popularity in the 1970s with when Diane Von Furstenberg introduced us to stretchy fabric with bold and bright patterns.

What makes this style a great wardrobe investment is that it will flatter most shapes. A good wrap dress will create an illusion of a smaller waist and balance the bust line. They tend to also skim the hips which is ultra flattering and sliming.

My muse for the wrap dress was our girl Evie. For this styling challenge I wanted to illustrate how to style a ‘spring dress’ for winter.

As you know Evie tends to stick to monochromatic tones and plain fabrics, but I wanted to challenge her a little on this one. Instead of plain fabrics I opted to put her in this black and white polkadot wrap dress from Forcast clothing.

The dress was on sale (amazing), but let’s face it, Canberra is way too cold to be out there gallivanting in just a dress. Thus, I opted to layer it with a fitted skivvy and had her wear it with boots.

To add some further style elements I added a felt tan hat (which looked great with Evie’s skin tone and newly died hair) and drapped my fav faux leather jacket on her shoulders.

Overall, I love the look that I achieved on Evie. It is feminine and versatile. You could easily take this into spring by ditching the skivvy and boots, and opt for some killer heels.

I think Evie looked amazing what do you think?

Hat: Myer 
Jacket: Stylist's own from TK Maxx
Skivvy: Portmans (Canberra outlet)
Dress: Forcast clothing (Canberra outlet)

Images shot by Sarafina edited by Deejay. 


Thursday, 11 July 2019

You looked taller on tinder...

You looked taller on tinder... 
Unfortunately, like tinder sometimes clothing doesn’t meet your expectations. You know the feeling, you try it on in the store and it makes you feel special, one of a kind. Acting on impulse you swipe! 

Then you get home and reality hits. You go to wear that new garment and you realise you have nothing to pair it with!

Well my fellow shoppers you have just committed one of my cardinal sin styling tips "don’t buy an item of clothing without thinking about how you are going to style it". Like other areas in our life it should be in multiples.

Generally speaking, when I shop I’m already formulating outfit ideas in my mind incorporating the new piece.  The more looks I create in my mind directly correlates to the probability of me purchasing the item.

Take this skirt for example it’s a great investment piece. The classic a-line cut is something that won’t date (also it’s a bargain price as it is a sample at Cue at Canberra outlet). Leather is also a durable fabric AND I can wear it a number of ways.

For example to wear this causally I’ve paired it back with a printed tee and some sport luxe white sneakers.

To take it to the evening I elevated the look with some sequins and clashing leopard print heels.

Moving forward thinking about my long term relationship with this garment I know I could always pair it back with a fitted sweater and some pointy heels or even a silk camisole and high heel sandals. Honestly I could spit out ten outfits without even trying.

So next time you go shopping I want you to think about the long term commitment you are getting into. Get creative and think about what you can come up with. 

If it doesn’t flow naturally the item isn’t for you sis, I’m sorry to say but walk away.. swipe left!

|| Outfit breakdown ||
Dressy look
Top || Ivy Park
Shoes || Hand me downs from my favourite cousin 

Casual look
Jacket || Cooper St
Baker boy hat || Asos
T-shirt || Asos
Skirt || Cue/Veronika Maine Canberra Outlet
Sneakers || Tommy Hilfiger

Pics shot by @creationsofsarafina edited by@wearefoundau


Wednesday, 10 July 2019

A 90's twist with my husband shirt

Do you also like to steal your partners t-shirts and shirts?! Why is their clothing (sometimes) better?!

You wouldn't believe this but the shirt I am wearing in this pic is from Van Heusen (from Paul's closet) AND this amazing dress I am wearing from Ally. Bought at an absolute steal, $15. I'm finding so many bargains lately.

Shhh don't tell Paul.

I know you are probably thinking... that's a super short and cold dress for winter! But here's how you can warm it up!

One word. layer.

Simply by adding...
  1. a shirt or long sleeve high neck top. Rock some serious Clueless vibes!
  2. throw a leather jacket over your shoulders
  3. wearing thigh high boots
A guilty pleasure of mine is wearing Paul's shirts underneath dresses or tops. It actually looks chic! what do you think?

||Outfit details || 

Muse, words and styling by @thestatementlife
Photography DJ @wearefoundau

This post was sponsored by Canberra Outlet Centre. If you would like to collaborate and have us to feature your brand please email us at

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Who What Wear - Faux Army

We Are Found Street style Canberra blogger
This look for me was inspired by comfort and the desire to feel chic. There’s nothing easier than a cute body suit that you throw a pair of comfy camo pants over. For the extra glam I've add the faux fur, because you never know who you’re going to run into, or who might take your pic.
Baker boy hat  canberra blogger
Baker boy hat

I threw over a faux fur pink coat, because clashing prints, textures and colours is in! Paired with nude heels and a pink clutch to add some further femininity. The baker boy hat was just for funsies. It’s also a good option for days where your hair is dirty or you want to be a little more inconspicuous.
Soph rock faux fur and clashing print 

|| Outfit breakdown || 
Body suit: Lin & Barrett 
Pants: Bardot 
Jacket: Sheike 
Clutch: Collette 
Hat: Valley Girl 
Shoes: Billini

Images shot by We Are Found 


Monday, 1 July 2019

What's cooler than bein' cool? (Ice cold!) - Cryo T-shock

As I sit in the in my room wearing my pj’s tucked into my socks and my fluffy wardrobe I’m reminiscing on the warmer weather I experienced in April.


Someone please take me back to the desert in Palm Springs for Coachella! My vacation seems so long ago. I don’t even mind that I was frantically running around like a mad woman the week before. So much prep went into it from getting the perfect festival outfit to getting my hair and nails did to experimenting with a secret weapon to give my body a boost.

While I love training I wanted to see if there was anything else I could do (and no starving wasn’t an option for me, I love food and would rather promote a healthy lifestyle too) so I looked into Cryo T-Shock treatments at the Wellness and Empowerment collective.

Getting marked up for the treatment
Measurements and pics are take so that we can see results
The notion of freezing fat wasn’t something that was on my radar until now. Ebony the owner of the Wellness and Empowerment collective is always on the hunt for a new technology. Cryo T-Shock isn’t widely available in Australia. The Wellness and Empowerment collective is one of four clinics in Australia to have it! It’s the closest thing you can get to spot targeting for fats.

After chatting with Ebony, we decide to pick my waist for a targeted treatment (forever chasing that hour glass figure).

How does it work?
Cryoslimming uses thermoelectric cooling to freeze fat, causing the cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without damage to the overlying skin. The treatment alternates heat at 40C, followed by cold at -8C divided evenly across the treated areas. The destroyed cells then pass naturally through your body’s lymphatic system. This sounds pretty cool hey.

What does it feel like?
This was a bizarre feeling! The apparatus rubs over your skin and goes from warm to super cold. I was giggling during the treatment because it was just odd. It was almost like there was ice blocks running over my skin. Yeah I’d say it’s like a weird ice block massage. Post treatment my skin was a bit red but that was purely from the cold.
During the treatment

Post treatment measurements
Prior to the treatment Ebony marked me up so that we could do measurements. I was pretty surprised to find out that I lost 2 cm from my waist from literally just lying down. If only sitting on the couch could do the same ;)

How to boost the treatment?
For the best results post treatment it’s recommended that you drink heaps of water, continue to eat well and exercise and if possible get a lymphatic drainage massage to help flush it from your system. I went to America straight after my treatment so my diet wasn't exactly optimal. But I maintained my exercise with walking, a few runs and a gym session or two.

I lost 2 cm from my waist. 
While you pretty much see instant results, they actually peak at the 2-3 week mark post treatment. As with anything too, ideally you would get more than one treatment to experience the full effect. I think this treatment is great if you need to help boost your already healthy regime. As I am a highly visual person seeing results kick in post treatment helps motivate me to continue persevering and sticking to my health kick. With a combination of a healthy lifestyle this can definitely help you achieve the best version of you (what ever that may be).

Given it can do this to your body I'm also super curious to check out the cyrofacelift as a non invasive way of toning my face and laugh lines. It's a great idea for those who are against botox.

*Shout out to Ebony as well for making me super comfortable while getting my treatment. I get a bit shy when I'm in swimmers. 

If you would like to learn more about Wellness Empowerment check our their website or book some time out for you call 0450 585 569 . 

Wellness Empowerment Collective opening hours: 
12:00 - 7:00pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
12:00 - 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday 


Tuesday, 25 June 2019

The interview dress

I’m calling it, this is my interview dress! (Or just my new favourite office dress). While I love coordinating a whole outfit from the shoes, pants, top to accessories, sometimes I just want to chuck something thing on and walk out the door.

That’s what this dress is for me. It’s a no brainer piece that is versatile and makes me feel like a woman of power.

The conservative cut makes it perfect for the corporate environment and client meetings. For those situation, I would pair it back with a blazer and some pointed heels.

Then…. the the versatility of this dress shines through. I’d wear it to after work drinks, or hell even a date simply by changing accessories and outwear.

Here I’ve added a leather jacket and some statement heels and boom my feelings change. It makes me feel incredibly sexy as it shows my curves.

Having a basic body con like this is one of my wardrobe staples. I look for quality fabric and longer lengths when shopping for dresses like this. Albeit I would have loved it more in black or red, but the grey is still a great basic to mix and match with.

For only $99.95 I also think it’s highly justified! What you think? If you have a favourite place to get body cons that are long enough to cover your peach be sure to let me know too! #sharingiscaring

|| Outfit breakdown ||

Heels: Cousin hand me downs (Thanks MJ love you xo ) 
Dress: Forcast from Canberra Outlet 
Jacket: Target (years and years ago) 
Baker Boy hat: Asos 

Images shot by: ___soph___X
edits by: wearefoudau

Monday, 24 June 2019

The KOVU experience

Minimal vibes. Beautifully styled interior. Tunes 🎶

KOVU is a beautiful hair and beauty salon located in Narrabundah. 
I've been coming to KOVU for a couple of years now. I had seen KOVU's beautiful work and space on my Instagram feed but had never been in before. After a friend recommended them, I booked in!

I’ve been on quite a hair journey with KOVU - starting with cuts, then finally getting the courage to venture into balayage blonde. I'm currently on my journey to grey hair! Read on to find out more about the KOVU experience.

You're greeted at the beautiful counter when you walk in. The entrance area is so serene, with lots of plants and space to hang out if you ever have to wait. If you visit on a Thursday evening, this entrance space will also have a musician performing live - I have heard the most amazing voices while having my hair done!

There’s a menu of tea options, or you can opt for wine! A beautiful tray is brought out with a KOVU cookie. Such a delicious treat!

I have always found the ability of hairdressers to seamlessly weave from client to client magical. This is definitely the case at KOVU. There’s the right balance of attention and time to get some work or life admin done during the appointment! I’ve brought my laptop with me to work during my appointments many times!

My hairdresser at KOVU is Jazzi - who is now the salon manager! Keep your eye out for another post soon where we chat to Jazzi!  

Address | 14 Iluka St, Narrabundah ACT 2604 - parking is easy (win!) There’s plenty of street parking for free outside the salon.
Phone | 0423 279 620

Want to see my hair journey? Or keen to check KOVU out? Chat to me more at @eviekay.

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