Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Date night styling

Sarafina styles an amazing date night look. 

Did someone say date night?

Ladies I understand that winter date nights consist of being indoors and being warm. But the weather shouldn’t stop you looking your best or keep you confined to your home. Here is an outfit that will have you feeling warm, and ready to brace the cold head on.

While most people tend to gravitate towards dark colours in Winter, I encourage you to not shy away from bold colours! When deciding on what colour to wear, be mindful of what’s complimentary to your skin tone and don’t be afraid to step away from black.

As a woman it is important to feel your best so do what makes you feel beautiful. The key is effortless, have one statement piece and everything else can be neutral. So that could be the dress, the shoes, bag, or even your coat.

This is the kind of look you can wear anything you want under it. You can wear your thickest pair of stockings or even a turtleneck for that extra warmth.

To pull the look together I added a bold lip, shimmery eyes, and nail polish. Not only does it elevate the outfit but it can be easily achieved. For me high-heel boots are an essential, as anything you can layer is ideal.

For warmer states this is the perfect date night look, all that is needed is a coat and a strappy heeled sandals.

Remember be fun and exciting, don’t let the weather rain on your parade.

|| Outfit break down ||
Boots || FSW 
Dress || Portmans - Canberra Outlet
Jacket || Forcast - Canberra Outlet 
Bag || Models Own 
Earrings || The Statement life 


Sunday, 11 August 2019

Xo Xo Gossip Girl

Is it just me or does Sophia remind you of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl!? (Speaking of which there are talks of a reboot eeek can't wait).

Fot this shoot Sophia pulls out one of her favourite dresses by Assilio.

"This pink suede dress is me to a T. It’s a classic and timeless piece. It can also be worn with our without its big fancy bow. But there’s no point wearing a dress like that if you aren’t going to be extra AF in it," said Sophia.
Sophia's choice of heel is also a lust worthy item! The navy blue pumps are from Public Desire but they have a custom design feature added to them.
Customized heels! 

"I couldn’t actually find what I was looking for so I bought a basic pump that my oh so clever mother glammed up for me. We used brooches purchased off eBay for a few dollars and amazingly with a little bit of glue and some perseverance I now have one of a kind pumps that make me feel like a princess."

To add to the feeling of royalty Sophia dons a unique headband that she picked up while travelling in Turkey.

"I try not to buy trinkets when I travel but I try to buy one thing that I will absolutely love to pieces and that remind me of my adventure. My gorgeous beaded headband was only a few dollars but something about the sparkle and being in Turkey was just magical. Wearing it makes me feel like a Queen."

A queen is what you are Sophia don't ever forget that! It was a pleasure to shoot this style chameleon!

Image credits - @wearefoundau
Muse @___soph___x


Sunday, 4 August 2019

POP it with red!

You all know how much I love wearing colour! This time though I went with a slightly darker base and popped my outfit with RED. This bodycon dress is from Cotton On, I seem to be finding so many  practical dresses from there lately.
All you need is a simple base, if you look carefully it has blue and maroon stripes with gold stitching. I picked red to pop it! (It could have gone either way). I love textures (especially in winter) so by layering it with a red teddy bear coat and hat.

I've got your attention!
If you want biker-chick vibes you can easily swap this out for a classic leather jacket or a your boyfriend's denim jacket. I love doing this (thank you Paul).
I'll leave you with this question, are you looking for anything red to add to your collection?

|| Outfit details || 

Dress and bag: Cotton On

Muse, words and styling by @thestatementlife
Photography DJ @wearefoundau

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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Enter the Matrix..

Enter the Matrix - Sarafina 
"What if I told you everything you knew was a lie".  What if I told you fashion doesn't have to cost a lot...

Enter to the Red Cross op shop in the city...

I recently had a play date with Evie at the Red Cross city walk store. That store is a hidden gem in the city and to be honest I am not sure that I wanted to share this with you all. ;) 

The challenge put to me was to so find some outfits for myself, Evie Sarafina. My budget for Sarafina's first look was $30.00 or under and I managed to style this Matrix x 90s look.

When working with your own items it is easy to style with op shop finds. You do however need to walk in with an open mind and have patience. I definitely took more time to style in there. I personally think it is important to try the items and double check for faults and stains.

Sarafina is one of my favourite muses. She can wear almost about anything. When I noticed these high gloss pants I thought of her instantly. Also for $10.00 they were a steal. Also did I mention they were brand new with tags, crazy! Together we paired it back with her own black tank, winter coat and some statement heels.

With $30.00 left in the kitty I found this black 90s style top for under $10.00. I really loved this vibe on Sarafina and both looks came in under $30.00. Not bad for some budget fashion if you ask me. What do you think? Where is your favourite op shop? 


Saturday, 27 July 2019

How to get salon hair at home? – we chat to Jazzi from KOVU

You know those fresh out of the salon hair feels? The ones that are so tricky to replicate out of salon? I did a bit of investigation to find out how to get it at home - keep reading to find out more! 

I chatted to Jazzi Bennett, my amazing hairdresser at KOVU. When I first started going to KOVU a few years ago, Jazzi had just recently moved to Canberra. Now fast forward a few years, Jazzi is now a senior stylist and manager at KOVU!

Evie: How did you get started as a hairdresser?
Jazzi: I started my hairdressing career when I was 16, I left school in year 11 to pursue my dream job and have never looked back!

Evie: What is your favourite part of being a hairdresser?
Jazzi: There is no better feeling than knowing you have boosted someone’s confidence and made them feel a million dollars! I love that we are constantly learning and educating others. Plus meeting all the amazing stylists and clients.

Evie: What hair advice would you give your younger self?
Jazzi: Don’t box colour your hair!! I had sooo many different haircuts and colours that looking back now are very questionable! When I started my apprenticeship my boss had to strip years’ worth of box colour build up! I thought it looked great at the time.

Evie: What's your tip to get salon washed hair feel at home?
Jazzi: Using professional products at home will give you guaranteed results. Always shampoo your hair twice to make sure it’s been cleaned properly. Washing your hair once isn’t enough to break down all the residue and product built up, especially if you haven’t washed your hair for a few days!

Evie: What do you recommend for regular gym-goers?
Jazzi: Dry shampoo is the Queen B of hair products (in my opinion). Spray on root area before heading to the gym as this helps absorb moisture and keeps your hair looking fresh. Hair perfumes are an option as well, along with a messy bun, sweat bands or embracing the dirty hair with a slicked back pony or bun.

Evie: What's the most common hair question you get?
Jazzi: This is a hard one! I get soo many different questions per day!
Q - How do I stop my hair going yellow?/stop colour fading?
A - Using professional products help with getting longevity from your colour. For blondes I always recommend a blonde shampoo paired with a high moisturising conditioner. For darker or brighter colours a shampoo and conditioner designed for colour care is recommended, my favourite brands are Evo, Theorie and Goldwell. For brighter colours a pigmented conditioner once a week.

Did you love this chat as much as I did? What was your fave tip from Jazzi?

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