Thursday, 18 October 2018

Street style stalker - Bella the Bold

Today’s street style profile is with the gorgeous Nur Nabilah Hani Prof.Kamarolzaman aka Bella.

Bella is a student from Canberra who commands attention when it comes to fashion. With signature blue hair it’s clear she isn’t one to follow the crowd.

Here is my Q&A with Bella.

1. Do you prefer online shopping or the in store experience?

Bella -  It depends what type of thing that I want to buy, but normally I would prefer go to the shop to do the shopping. It’s because I can see it for myself and potentially see other items I might want to buy.

2. What is your favourite store in Canberra?
Bella -  Of course Bardot!  I really love to shop there!

3. How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Bella - Elegant, clean and bold.

4. Tell us about your blue hair, what made you do something so different?
Bella - I like blue colour and also I wanted to try something new and do something brave.

5. Who is a style icon for you and why?
Bella – My style icon has to be Rihanna because I really love her style as she not afraid to try anything.

6. What is the best piece of fashion advice you have received?
Bella - The less is more, keep it simple but still stylish.

7. What is your favourite beauty product?
Bella  - Garnier

See more of Bella on Instagram. 

|| Outfit breakdown ||
Blazer : Zara
Pants : Bardot
Sunnies : Dotti
Hat : Bardot
Bag : Bardot


Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Five minutes with Charly Thorn Designs

Charly Thorn Collection captured at Fashfest 2017 - We Are Found

FASHFEST is back this year and we are a little bit excited as the format has changed.

This year the FASHFEST team have partnered with the National Gallery of Australia to deliver the show in at the iconic venue.

This Friday (Oct 19), we will be treated to a showcase featuring three local labels - Charly Thorn Designs, Megan Cannings Designs  and Hajar Gala Couture . The same show will be held twice the same evening.

In the hectic lead up to the show I managed to chat with Charly, from Charly Thorn Designs. This young go getter is definitely someone to watch. As a photographer in the media pit I’ve seen her works sashay down the catwalk over the last few years and am always amazed at her growth as a designer.

For those who don’t know her background, she is a 19-year-old woman living in Cooma NSW. This year will be her fourth collection in FASHFEST. Her fashion week accolades also extend internationally, with Charly Thorn Designs exhibiting at the Vancouver Fashion Week last season.

It’s amazing to think that this young entrepreneur is currently on a gap year and will be perusing business and fashion in Sydney next year. I can’t wait to see what she achieves in the future!
Charly Thorn. (Image credit

Here’s my Q&A with her. 

Q. Where do you find inspiration for your collections?
Charly - The inspiration sparks where I least expect it. Sometimes it’s a bright colour in a window display, or the shape of a light fitting, a piece or element of architecture or interesting shadows. I find inspiration everywhere. I don’t always look for it, sometimes it looks for me.

This evening collection was inspired by some gorgeous fuchsia fabric I bought at the start of the year. It’s 100% Australian Merino Wool, and from that starting point I created the rest of the collection. Deep jewel colours, a vibrant print and sensual silks are the essence of my new luxe evening range.

Q. You are so driven at such a young age, when did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Charly - I have always wanted to be a designer since I can remember. All I have ever wanted is to make beautiful things and hope that other people find them beautiful too. I love to experiment and take risks and always have since I was little. One thing I‘ not afraid of is being wrong or making mistakes. All I ever want to do is learn. I’m very excited to see where the next chapter takes me.

Q. Who has been an influential person in your creative life?

Charly - I think I have to thank Mum and Dad for always letting me be myself. They let me work it out on my own. They are both creative people. Dad, when he was my age, had entrepreneurial fire and I probably get that drive from him. Mum is an amazing house designer and she’s full of ideas. I’m lucky to have both of them as role models.

Q. Your collections from the past years has been pretty outstanding, what can patrons expect to see this year?

Charly - Very bold colours. Think bright and exciting. I’ve also worked with a selection of gorgeous silks. I can’t wait to see the collection on the runway at FASHFEST, including how the models will look as they come down the massive escalators at the National Gallery of Australia.

Q. For women out there wanting to pursue a personal business what advice would you give them?

Charly - I don’t know that I can accredit any expertise to this question, however I know how to work hard. Working three jobs—80+ hours a week—and doing fashion on the side is hard. But there are people out there working harder than me, who have less than me so I’m always #grateful. But if you’re willing to put in the time—not just working but really focusing your time on the right areas and saying no to a 1000 things—then it will work. Then all you need is a bit of luck ✨

Q. What do you hope to achieve from this year’s FASHFEST?
Charly - I am so excited to announce that this will be the first collection I will be selling on my new website! I’ll be selling the samples off the runway and then if people want to custom order they can. Super exciting!

Ok finally: ... finishes these sentences:

I’m relaxed when I .... take the first sip of coffee and open my diary in the morning ready to start the new day.
Fashion for me is .... a new world of business, innovation and technology than ever before.
My motto in life is .... you will be exactly as happy as you decide to be.
I can’t live without .... COFFEEEEEE

Thanks for your time Charly and I can’t wait to see this collection.  Check out her work and order her designs from:

For my readers out there if you want to see Charly’s work or Megan Cannings Designs or Hajar  De Challie, tickets are available from:


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Monday, 15 October 2018

Who Wore What – Canberra's Student Race Day

Congratulations, we’ve made it! Winter is now well and truly behind us and the Spring racing carnival is here. With Melbourne Cup only a few weeks away now, it is time for us to start trying on fascinators and planning our outfits for the rest of the racing season.
As an ambassador of Thoroughbred Racecourse, Canberra’s Student Race Day is always one of my favourite events as it is the first chance to have a glimpse of the different styles and colours making the rounds.
I was lucky enough to MC the Fashions on the Field for this race day and was determined to dress the part.

The beautiful girls at Momento Dezigns in Manuka, dressed me in this Thurley statement dress, which is available online at

Due to the extravagant details in this garment, I paired it with a simple gold crown and a slick-back pony-tail. I endeavoured to make orange flourish throughout my look by adding a smoky orange eye and bright orange lips.
Congratulations to our second runner-up on the day Sally Martindhu. Red was the colour of winter this season and it’s so good to see the love for it continuing through Spring. Sally is a prime example of what classic race-wear should look like.
Our gorgeous runner-up on the day Sadia Nabila took the pant-suit to the next level. We saw a lot of these getting around earlier this year and it’s great to see her owning the style by mixing-it-up with a splash of colour. It’s amazing how the smallest hint of red can make an outfit go from plain to wow!

We cannot forget about our stunning winner of the day, Madison Scott who effortlessly embraced spring in this pink and red combo suit. This outfit stood out from others on the day through its uniqueness and warm feels. She managed to channel the season whilst still dressing for the cold and windy climate of Canberra.

I will be back at Thoroughbred Park in just a couple of weeks for Melbourne Cup. I can’t wait to see you all down there and check out your amazing outfits on the day!

These incredible pics are all thanks to Eric Red Photography. Follow him on instagram @ ericredphotography

- Beth xx

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Street Style - The Fashion Awakens

I had the pleasure of capturing Rasi's style the other day. With a great fitting pair of jeans Rasi injects her own style into the look with pop of colour, print and accessories. 

Rasi is a qualified medical doctor and works within the Department of Health. She clearly isn't a boring public servant. 

Get to know Rasi better: 

1. What is your favourite place to shop in Canberra?
Thrift/vintage stores and Zara in the Canberra Centre.

2. How would you describe your style in three words?
Eclectic, eye-catching and sophisticated.

|| Outfit breakdown || 
Jeans and Jacket: Zara
Boots: Diana Ferrari
Purse: Kazo

3. What are you most looking forward to this spring/summer?
Starting my own blog and collaborating with creatives for something different and fun.
And of course, all the spring/summer fashion to play with!

4. Who is your style icon ?
It is hard to pick one. Not just celebrities, many girls and women just nail their style in unexpected ways with sheer confidence. I do idolise Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and the Hadids'. Their style is ever-changing and always fresh.

5. What is the best piece of fashion advice you have received?
If you feel the need to buy a new outfit for every occasion, then you clearly do not have the fashion sense you think you do!

6. What is your favourite beauty product?
Hydrating Sheet Masks, brow grooming products and 'Better than Sex' mascara by Too faced.

7. What's your favourite  fashion account on Instagram?
Again, very hard to name a few. I love Olivia Palermo's account (@oliviapalermo). The woman is always so effortlessly elegant and stylish. I am obsessed with many supermodels' accounts for inspiration too.

Image credits : Daniella Jukic @wearefoundau


Wednesday, 10 October 2018


A couple of week’s ago, we had the absolute pleasure of attending the Camp Quality Giggle
Ball in Canberra as guests of the Anzani Group.
 The Giggle Ball was held in the National Ballroom at Hotel Realm in Barton – a beautiful
venue, and was MC’d by Canberra’s Ned and Josh from HIT 104.7. It was the largest Camp
Quality Giggle ball yet in Canberra!

Camp Quality is a charity that provides programs and services to children aged 0-13 growing
up with cancer, and their families. Camp Quality helps to develop life skills and strengthen
their wellbeing, helping 10,000 children with cancer in any given year and 40,000 children
that will hear that their parents have cancer.
The evening started with introductions, thank you’s and acknowledgement of the team that
made the evening a possibility. The speakers on the night included Camp Quality’s CEO,
Kylea Tink, Camp Quality’s platinum sponsors and an update from Mackenzie Isedale’s
family. Entertainment included the Baker Boys Band, the Brad Blaze show and a live auction.

The key highlights on the night were:
- seeing the Camp Quality puppet show - learning and understanding how the puppets
help children and their families through the tough times.
- hearing from Mackenzie Isedale’s family on her recovery and that she is cancer free.
Mackenzie attended last years’ ball, while she was still going through chemo. We
celebrated Mackenzie’s birthday with her, with the whole room standing and singing
happy birthday to her!!
- hearing from the guest speaker, Jade Kercher, sharing the story of her daughter Jade
and how Camp Quality made such a huge impact on their lives in their time of need.

For more information on Camp Quality

My favourite dress of the night was Kiara’s beautiful dress – absolutely stunning!
 (image via Ana Anzani)

And I loved Clare’s beautiful dress, which was super in theme (the theme was once upon a
(Image via Clare Sheehan)
Where were our dresses from?
Sarafina | Sheike
Evie | Seduce

Which outfit was your favourite?!
Let me know in the comments down below or at @eviekay!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Editor Profile: Janette the face of Surface Go

Did you hear? Our editor Janette recently became the face of Microsoft's latest tech tablet the Surface Go. She was approached to be an ambassador as the tablet is a bloggers dream tool! Her ambassadorship included a starring role in a TV commercial which was filmed in one of Janette's favourite spots - Bondi Beach.

The commercial featured a day in the life of Janette being a busy mum, stylist, influencer, blogger and designer.

Janette had already been using the Surface Go for a few months before she was asked to become the face of the Surface Go - it was a no brainer and she said yes! "I fell in love with it's capabilities. It has changed the way I work. It's lightweight and it fits in my bag! The kick stand is my fave function." She said.
Janette has worked with many other brands as an influencer but working with Microsoft has provided her with a national platform. It has led to many other exciting collaborations which have let Janette shine whilst doing what she loves best, sharing her expertise, reviews on products she herself uses and swears by.

Breaking it as a digital influencer is harder to do these days but Janette encourages local influencers to make the first move when wanting to collaborate with national brands.
"If you're working on a shoot and you see another brand fitting with it. Make the first move and workshop an idea with your agency and pitch to them. You'll never know unless you ask."
A highlight of this exciting project was sharing it with her gorgeous daughter, Luna. Janette is a new mum who isn't afraid to share the spotlight with her gorgeous daughter and has incorporated her new #mumlife into the content she creates.

If you haven't seen the commercial yet check it out.

We love you Jan!

Words by @sofiapolakstyle


Monday, 8 October 2018

The track is back

Trackies and heels, a look I’ve been known to wear before. I busted it out about four years ago wearing a crop, adidas black tracksuits and some heels to a club. The comments back then was “Oh wow I couldn’t wear that”.

However, this didn’t bother me too much. I am all about embracing your own style and just being me.

Today street/sports luxe styling is widely accepted with with celebrities leading the way. The Hadid’s, Kardashian’s, Jenner's and Rhi Rhi are a just a few who give dressing up trackies the stamp of approval. 

I’d be interested to see how long it’s going to take us to go full circle with the velour trackie trend of the 90s! I’m not entirely sure how I would feel about this.

Wearing this look I totally felt like Jenny from the block.

For this look I opted to wear a bandeau with my favourite Ivy Park jumper. With our unpredictable weather you need layers!  My statement white trackies are awesome (but challenging as I am the messiest person alive) and the statement boots are cheapies from Pretty Little Things.

Outfit break down: 

Jumper  -Ivy Park from Culture kings
Bandeau - Supre - Canberra Outlet Centre
Tracksuit - Nike - Canberra Outlet Centre 
Heels - Pretty Little Things (online)
bum bag - Pretty Little Things (online)

Image shot by @Sofiapolak

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