Friday, 24 May 2019

Foodie Friday Flashback to Vapiano's First Birthday

Before I went to the states on a food and musical adventure I was celebrated Vapiano’s first birthday here in Canberra.

I come from a Croatian background so I have grown up on cured meats and great pasta. Vapiano serves this up to Canberran’s at a great price point too!

With Evie by my side we were treated to pizza, pasta, gin cocktails and a dessert course. Here is a snap shot of the great evening.
Evie and Deejay (Image supplied Vapiano) 

Evie and Deejay (Image supplied Vapiano) 

Evie and Deejay (Image supplied Vapiano) 

The highlight of my night was sampling pretty much ALL of the desserts. It astounds me how much I can eat and well let’s face it there is always room for desert.

I couldn't choose between the home made white chocolate cheesecake AND the Nutella cheesecake. If your on the fence like me I would  recommend just ordering both and mixing them. No judgments here!

Some snaps of my favourite peeps too!

With the winter settling in to Canberra my craving for comfort food increase. I know where I will be booking!


Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The little red dress is the new LBD

Put your hands up if you own a little black dress! Yep me too, I own several and wear each to death. There is a reason why the LBD is so famous, it goes with anything and can be worn anywhere - it literally is the epitome of versatility. However, this season it is all about the LRD - little red dress!

Why? Well red is the perfect Autumnal colour and the perfect colour pop to brighten up your winter wardrobe. For me, I am finding as I get older I am gravatating towards brighter colours more and more find them more flattering for me. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing all-black and I dont think that will ever change, no matter my age but my style is evolving, perhaps maturing as I inject more colour into my wardrobe.

A little red dress is on trend but the perfect staple, it is almost just as versatile as your little black dress but more fun and vibrant!

This knitted style is the perfect LRD as you can dress it up or down and it's cut would suit all body shapes including curvy, hour glass and if you are straight up and down (like me!) cause you can sinch in your waist with the tie.

For day team it up with a printed kitten heel and or a tanned boot and with a light trench to create the perfect atumnal look.

For night, elevate this look with statement accessories such as this belted bag with metallic accents and finish with an oversized pair of gold earrings.

I always love mixing a classic look with on-trend accessories!

||Outfit details || 
Trench: Cue

What do you think? Are you converted? Will you be replacing your little black dress with an LRD?

Words and styling by Sofia Polak @sofiapolakstyle
Photography @wearafoundau

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Monday, 20 May 2019

Who what wear: Make something old new again

Being a stylist and fashion photographer I can’t deny my love for clothing. I am almost certain I was a blue jay in some past life as I have a love affair for collecting shiny items.

However, over the last few years I have been more conscious with how much I buy and have been trying to recycle items in my wardrobe. I am always trying to think of novel ways of wearing things and layering. Our girl Sarafina is the queen for this go check out her instagram.

This year Sarafina and Sofia teamed up again to organise the fashion parade at the Canberra Show, showcasing looks solely from the Salvation Army.

I was lucky enough to score this blazer and ‘crop’ from the show. The jacket fits me like a glove! Now here’s the secret. This crop was originally a dress but there was no chance in hell it would fit over my booty. So, after having a chat with Sarafina we thought it would be cool to have it altered into a crop top instead.

This is something I can now layer over a business shirt for a corporate look, or simply worn with jeans and heels for a more relaxed look.

The blazer is something I also regularly wear to my corporate job. It’s also a boss lady item for the weekends too.

So what’s the moral of the story? Think outside of the box! Look to your own wardrobe for items you can alter to give them a new lease on life, and do check out the local op shop stores. We don’t have to spend big to look fab. And for the record,I pretty much saw this exact jacket and crop combo in H&M when I was in Chicago just recently.

What’s your favourite op-shop in Canberra?

Photography: Janette Lenk @thestatementlife


Thursday, 16 May 2019

Going grunge for a CONCERT

Most people wouldn’t describe my fashion style as grunge, edgy, or rock… But when I did a girl’s trip to Sydney to see one of the biggest artists in the world, Post Malone, I got inspired to mix it up.

Let me explain how much of a big deal Post Malone is… Last year when he released his second album Beerbongs & Bentleys, he broke a record that was previously held by the Beatles for 54 years! He had nine songs in the Top 20 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at one time! 

I found inspiration for my outfit by looking at pictures from previous artist concerts on Instagram. After a few hours of browsing through my closet, I was able to pull-off the perfect grunge look and in the words of Post Malone… feel like a ‘rockstar’.   

Let’s start with the best thing about concert fashion... Unlike when you go to Sydney fashion week and feel the urge to drop $600 on a dress that you will wear once... It’s pretty affordable! I paired a ripped and customised band tee from Shein with a black choker and cut-out denim jacket to create an edgy look. I completed the look with low-wasted black pants from Forever New to show some skin and leather boots from Myer because let’s face it, boots is the only thing anyone is wearing in 2019!  

Follow @bethanygracelarsen 

My girl Heids is a little obsessed with designer labels, especially Gucci! She incorporated some classic pieces: the Gucci gold buckled black belt, the Gucci black marmont velvet bag and Gucci shoes with a Rolling Stones tee from Cotton On to create the ultimate contrast. She completed this look by popping some colour with the red pants from Zara.

Follow @heidisaddiction

Sassy made a statement with her concert look by changing up her hair. The purple ends add an element of spark and excitement! Her secret? The pink muvo shampoo. Yep, she didn’t even need to go to the hairdresser to look this fantastic! 

Follow @_sass_

I love this outfit so much! It’s sexy but also concert! This is the perfect example of how to dress something down. Normally this bodysuit and culottes from Glassons would be worn with heels to a dinner or night-time function. But here, Jemma has dressed it down with a belt and white sneakers from Novo.

Follow @jemma.psaila

As much as I love to wear bright pretty dresses I had so much fun changing it up for Post Malone.

My advice… Be daring and embrace different sides of your personality for different occasions.

We can brainstorm any time at @bethanygracelarsen  


Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Who What Wear: It's Tricky, it's Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)

‘It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time….’

Yeah I am busting out Run-D.M.C’s It’s tricky. They are one of my favourite icons when I think about the tracksuit trend.

Tracksuits dropped around the 1970s with velour and terry cloth being the fabric of choice.

It’s spring 1979, and these faux-jogging ladies i are enjoying the plush caress of head-to-toe velour. (Nordstorm catalouge)

With the rise of hip hop and break dancing, the shell suit amassed a cult following. Bold colours and nylon were in.
Run DMC 80s Hip Hop
Enter Run DMC, Adidas superstar shell toes and tracksuits were a thing. To be honest I still think they are a fashion classic today.

Over time the fabrics and styles of the ‘track suit’ have changed. In the 90s artists like Jlo, Missy Elliot, Brittney Spears and Sport Spice re-ignited our love (or hate) for the classic athleisure. I never really got into the velour trend. I'm a highly tactile person and the feeling of the fabric kind of freaks me out.
Paris Hilton 90s-00s

JLo when she was Jenny from the block

One thing is for sure that I can’t argue with is the comfort level. I am still trying to figure out how to style it for work. Some how I don’t think I will be able to get away with that any time soon. I'm not sure if I carry the same swag as the Run DMC crew but I gotta love the Adidas classic (this one's with a twist).

Love the details on the back of this jacket. 

||Outfit details || 
Adidas tracksuit: Playtpus Canberra Outlet 
Heels: Tony Bianco

Having just come back from NYC, it was obvious that the nylon tracksuits is having a resurgence. High street stores had whole sections dedicated to them. I love the bold colour blocks, but you just need to remember not to get too close to a fireplace!

Are you keen on this trend? Or would you prefer to forget the past? I'm also curious to know who you think had some of the iconic 'trackie' moments of the past.


Sunday, 12 May 2019

A change is in the air... #AW19

We are so excited to release images from Canberra Outlet's #AW19 editorial campaign. For the last few years, we have been working with the centre to create two seasonal campaigns a year to showcase the many high-end brands available at the centre and the many looks you can create to express your individual style.

This season's campaign is one of our favourites, shot on location by our talented editor DJ featuring looks styled by resident stylist Tracy Davis, DJ (yes she styles and photographs!) and me.

We were part of an amazing team including hair stylist Rachel Stephens from Axis Hairdressing, makeup artist Steph Church and videographer Jimmy Logue.

A special thanks to Claire Read, Canberra Outlet marketing manager and creative director of this shoot.

Sofia's looks


 All looks can be found at Canberra Outlet Centre.

What do you think? Which ones were your favourite?

Words by Sofia Polak @sofiapolak

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Monday, 29 April 2019

Minimalist fashion shopping and my go-to pieces

I am not the most fashionable person in the world - I often prioritise comfort (if I could live in activewear I would)... but there are a few key go-to pieces I've been reaching for when I have been out of my activewear.

Before I tell you about these though, want to know some of the minimalist tips I use when deciding what to buy or keep in my wardrobe?

ONE | Only buy what you truly love (and will wear)  #mariekondo #konmari

TWO | Will it go with at least 2 other items in my wardrobe? (this is why my wardrobe is mostly black, white and neutrals!)

THREE | Can I wear this more than once? (I LOVE items that I can wear over and over again)

And now, for my current go-to pieces!

Denim jacket

This denim jacket has been my go-to jacket for a while now! It’s the only denim jacket I own (and have ever owned). It’s from Decjuba

One of my best friends has this jacket and I borrowed it once and fell in love! I can even wear it with my activewear (winning!) And it says ‘fearless’ on the back – such an awesome reminder right?!

White cropped tee

This white cropped tee has been great to pair with high waisted pants and skirts. This tee is from Zara. I’ve worn it with different pants - the benefit of neutral colours is that they are way more versatile!

High waisted pants/trousers

This pair of high waisted pants is from Petal + Pup. It's a nice light pair that I've been loving! High waisted pants can also be dressed up or down, and are also super comfy! 

Other items I'm currently loving

I’ve been reaching for black jumpsuits a lot! This one is from Zara. So versatile as you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Which item is your favourite? What is your go-to piece of clothing?

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