Tuesday, 22 January 2019

I wear the pants part 2.

Image credits: Creations of Sarafina 
So where did January go you ask? I have no idea! What have you been up to? I have taken some time to rest and now I am back at it with work, gym, design, shooting and of course blogging.

For 2019 this picture pretty much sums it up. Be happy and be unapologetically you! 

 I wanted to share my part 2 of my series of styling with pants. These beauties were picked up at Portmans from the Canberra Outlet centre.

Portmans have repeated this style for a number of seasons because they are a clear winner. They simply update the print and sometimes add a design detail like this tie belt. For someone with curvier thighs and derriere they are perfect for highlighting my waist.
When I used to work in the public service I swear about four of my girlfriends had this exact pant, just in different prints (and they looked fabulous on them). What I also love about them is the fabric is super soft and keeps me cool on during the scorches we are all experiencing!

My styling tip to dress wide leg pants down  is pair them back with a basic or printed tee. Then to dress them up add a luxe fabric cami instead.

Simply put wide leg pants work for me because they are:

1.    Comfortable
2.    Always in style
3.    Highlight my shape
4.    Make me feel like I am taller and
5.    Make me feel effortlessly elegant.

What are your favourite cut of pants to wear and why? Better yet tell us your favourite store for pants.

 || Outfit breakdown || 
Earrings - Lovisa

Tee - Portmans (Canberra Outlet) 

Clutch - Collette 

Pants - Portmans (Canberra Outlet) 

Heels - Zara 


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Linen love - 3 items to invest in this season

I am seeing linen everywhere and I am loving its revival. No longer just for the beach, for the over 50s or for the dinner table, there are styles available to add to your summer wardrobe.

There are so many ways you can wear it but I love it for the weekend and day wear but could easily be dressed up.

Here are three different ways you can embrace the trend for yourself!

The 'mum' dress

I love this dress which on the hanger, didn't look like it would be as flattering, but on worked great! I added a cute belt and a feature shoe to give it a bit of spark but really, this is the perfect dress for the days when I am running after my little one but still need to look decent. It is so comfortable and classic so the style won't date, even after the linen trend passes. Also, great for those who feel they fluctuate in weight as it tailored but not fitted.

Dress from Forcast Canberra Outlet Centre
The pant

Evie rocks this look! Normally we would see her in activewear - she is a wellness goddess after all- so that's why I styled her in these pants as they screamed yoga pants but the style allows them to be dressed up and work well with heels.

I love the burnt orange tone on Evie and it's a muted tone so much easier to coordinate than a bright orange.

Pants from CottonOn Canberra Outlet Centre
The jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are the new maxis and I it works for me as my stature, unfortunately, wasn't built for pulling off floor-length dress in flats. This jumpsuit has served me so well this summer, I have worn it shopping, to the coast but also on really hot days. 

Jumpsuit from CottonOn Canberra Outlet Centre

I love the light blue as I think it makes it as versatile as denim. Haven't had a go at dressing it up yet, as I feel it's definitely more for casual wear. 

Also- I snapped it up from CottonOn at the Canberra Outlet Centre for $15! Couldn't believe my luck.

Ok so, which piece is a must have for your wardrobe?

Words by @sofiapolakstyle
Photography by: @wearefoundau

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Sunday, 13 January 2019

Designer nails at our fingertips thanks to new range by Canberra mum

We love meeting women who are driven by their passion to create locally and endeavour to share their passion with others. Anna O'Shea is a Canberra mum who specialisies in designer acrylic nails and has taken her love of nail beauty  to launch her own range of nail polish and cuticle oil. 
She has been doing nails for over a decade and today, is launching her first collection of polish in pretty pastels accompanied by a cuticle oil to keep nails beautiful, but also healthy and nourished.  
In the lead up to the launch, I sat down with Anna to find out a little bit more about her business.

SP: What is your career background?

AO: I have been doing nails on and off since 2001. Since moving to Canberra my passion for nails has flourished, I have a cert 2 in Nail technology and am a CND Master Architect.

SP: What inspired you to launch your own nail polish and cuticle oil range?

AO: I've always loved nail polish, there is a simplicity about it, it's something anyone can do and let their creative side out. I enjoy sharing others nail journeys and wanted to bring them a locally made polish with fun colours and new designs. Cuticle oil plays an important part in the care for your cuticles and natural nails, it nourishes and re hydrates your nails keeping them healthy. I believe that both products go hand in hand and wanted to design a complete nail package.

SP: Who is the woman behind Designer Nails by Anna O’Shea? 

AO: I am a mum to 3 boys a wife and a mermaid at heart, any spare moment I have you will find me at the coast with my family. 

SP:Which is your favourite colour from your new range and why? 

AO: My favourite colour in the new range is the teal green called 'Springtime', it's bright, fun and reminds me of the Italian Vespa colour. 

SP: Why is nail care important? 
AO: Nail care is important for 2 reasons, your nails protect your nail bed so looking after them properly will help to prevent breakage and splitting causing damage to your nail bed and also prevent infections to your nail and fingers. The other is cosmetic, it's nice to have well kept and neat nails because we use our hands for everything and the one thing I've noticed is that women feel more confident hen they have nice nails.
          SP: What are your top trends in nails this season? 
AO: While glitter will always remain a favourite, simple minimalist nails are definitely trending now, nails with a couple of accents featuring negative space designs, florals or geometric shapes. 

As part of the launch, Anna is offering our readers (you!) a special 15% discount of her new range. Just mention it in the comments on payment. Head to to get your fave colour and remember when you support local businesses someone does a happy dance! 
Make sure you follow Anna on Instagram - @designernails_by_annaoshea 

Friday, 11 January 2019

Versatile dressing - day to night

I don't know about you guys but I am still in festive mode despite Xmas being almost a month ago. I was lucky enough to have had two weeks off any type of work so my time was spent catching up with family and friends and soaking up the sunshine. During this break, I felt inspired to dress up and have a play with my summer wardrobe and on a few occasions, challenged myself to style outfits together which took me from day to night to avoid back home to get changed in between events.

To dress day to night you have to think outside the box, but most importantly think versatility. Versatile dressing is my jam! I love it, and I love sharing my tips to achieving this with my personal clients. Why do I love it? Firstly because I feel my best when my outfit is balanced- neither too dressy or too casual and because it keeps me focused on buying versatile pieces when shopping and on budget.

To nail day-to-night style there are certain fabrics I would normally recommend steering clear of such as satin or anything that looks too cocktail or evening, but over the break I felt inspired by one of this season's hottest trends - the satin knee-length skirt, and snapped one up from Forcast to see if I could dress it down to get more wear out of it.

I opted for this super cute linen top which screams beach/weekend wear, however, the fact that it is strappy, works well with the skirt and isn't too much of a contrast.

Even though I put this outfit together with high heels - a denim jacket and a pair of sunnies is the perfect way to dress it down even more. With the heels, I would wear this look as it is to lunch, brunch or any day event, but chuck on a pair of sandals and you can stretch this look to brunch, shopping with the girls or even a summer BBQ.

Wearing Top from CottonOn and skirt from Forcast Canberra Outlet Centre

Ta-da! There you have it, I broke one of my own fashion rules and the world didn't end, in fact, it brought some much-needed inspiration and joy back into my style. Also, made my festive days easier when I was going from lunches to dinners to drinks.

How about you? What are your tips to dressing day-to-night?

Words by @sofiapolakstyle
Photography by: @wearefoundau

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

One skirt two ways!

Christmas has just been, boxing day sales robbed us, you’re still paying off your credit card for that family holiday up to Queensland and you’re freaking out about money because you have an event next week and nothing to wear!

Take a deep breath and de-stress.

You don’t need to go shopping to make an impression. You don’t need to even buy anything new. Instead, take the time to browse your wardrobe and match different pieces together.

I promise you, style your favourite black-leather skirt or loose summer culottes with something different to what you normally would, and people won’t even realise you wore the same piece five Instagram posts earlier!

Here I show you… how to wear the same skirt in two completely different ways.

This ensemble is perfect for breakfast with friends, a picnic, or just chilling at your boyfriend’s house. I combined the skirt with the red tee to play it down and give it that effortless ‘girl next-door’ vibe. White sneakers are all anyone is wearing this summer so by choosing those you can be trendy and still comfy at the same time.


Got a hot date coming up? Dinner with the girls? Or maybe afternoon drinks at the Howling Moon?

This outfit spells fun, flirty and ready to have some good laughs. There’s nothing I love more than a good clash… Yep, I broke a fashion rule. I matched the summer skirt with the stripy one-shoulder black and white top which is everywhere in the fashion magazines right now. This unusual pairing shows that you are confident and willing to try things.

I added some extra spark by pairing it with a gold clutch and edgy gold earrings (love these!)

So next time before you go out and impulsively buy something that you’re probably only going to wear once anyway, find your favourite skirt and wear it a different way. The results will surprise you.
Hit me up anytime on instagram at @bethanygracelarsen

|| Outfit breakdown || 
All clothing from Portmans at the Canberra Outlet Centre
Earrings Cotton On  at the Canberra Outlet Centre 
Bag Colette 

Image credits @wearefoundau


Thursday, 27 December 2018

New Year outfit inspo

Walking out of 2018 like..

Can you believe it!? 2018 is almost over. It definitely has been a crazy year, but when I come to think of it so has most years. I think I have just gotten better at coping with the madness and busy schedule that I continually surround myself with.

Today I am sitting with my girlfriend Evie discussing 2019 goals. We are planning our finances, career, personal, health and wellbeing goals. I try to do this each to give me more of a sense of direction and focus. It's also super rewarding to do this with a friend. You keep each other accountable through the year and ask each other realistic questions like "how much do you want to be working", "do you really need to spend $100 on a gym each week that you don't really go to".

Evie also introduced me to this awesome blog. Michelle gives practical tips for 2019 planning. Check it out on Youtube. 

One thing I also love doing is planning my outfit for New Years. I am very much a planner particularly when I travel.  I am heading to Jervis Bay with a group of friends and essentially want to be a bit extra (because why the hell not!). New Years is a time where you can shine, and I am literally planning to do that.

This year I am opting to stand out (I hear some snickers because this is generally my styling ethos). I managed to score this amazing fitted sequin skirt from ASOS when they had 30% off. Staying true to my style I've paired it with something unexpected like an Adidas tee, and some killer ankle boots I got in NYC.

Alternatively this look is something I have have done with  strappy heels and a crop. What I love about this skirt is that I feel like I could also dress it up for a wedding with a silk camisole. While it isn't the most practical piece in my wardrobe it's something that makes me feel a little bit special when I wear it.

|| Outfit breakdown ||
Adidas teeshirt - Footlocker

White jacket - So old I can't event remember 
Sequin Skirt - Asos 
Boots - Zara
Earrings - Colette 
Bag - Collette 

What are you all getting up to in the New Year? Do you have your outfit sorted? If anything my best piece of styling advice for New Years is to be comfortable. It's generally a long day/night so just do you... in what ever outfit that might be.

Images shot by @creationsofsarafina


Tuesday, 18 December 2018

I wear the pants

I wear the pants! Yes that's right I am my own boss in life and how I present myself to the world. For this holidays season I am a fan of pants (partly due to my need to hide my knees from my stack this year #smh).

I think pants are a great option for Christmas parties and the festivities that come with this crazy time of the year. For me they provide freedom of movement on the dance floor. You think I am joking, but I am dead serious. I can not boogie in a skirt! Fact!
For this look I ventured into Portmans at the Canberra Outlet and found this boss matching set. Rather than pairing the pants back with a red, or white singlet I opted for the matching print top.

While this print comes in a jumpsuit cut, I felt that there is more versatility and longevity in getting pants and a top to mix and match with other items in my wardrobe.

It's funny though, growing up I was always led to believe that pink and red didn't work well together. However, now I love the punchy combination of the two. While I am not often drawn to florals I think the print works, the colours are bold and the floral gives a more feminine touch.

On that note I am curious do you have any fashion "rules" that play on your mind when you shop? Notions you picked up from god knows where and that you simply accept as true?

I'm really glad I have been able to move past mine with the red and pink colour clash, otherwise I would be missing out on this fabulous look.

|| Outfit breakdown ||
Singlet || Portmans Canberra Outlet 
Pants || Portmans Canberra Outlet 
Heels || Tony Bianco 
Bag || Colette by Colette Hayman

(Note I am definitely a fan of Portmans pants. I've created another look using their classic high waisted wide leg cut pants. I will be posting that look shortly). 

Image credits: Sarafina Manyang


Friday, 14 December 2018

How to BOSS your workout attire

Active and athleisure wear trend don't seem to be going anywhere and if anything, we are seeing more and more fashion labels reinventing the trend. As for us, we are certainly embracing it! We love to channel our individual styles through all aspects of our lifestyles, even when we're being active.

So of course we were so excited when we recieved an invite to play with Prettylitthing's latest active wear range. They use great fabrics which are perfect for the gym but also great for street making their pieces really versatile and super fun to dress up or down.


I have a super busy lifestyle but I try and keep fit as much as I can, by either going to the gym or a sneaking in a home workout.  In the past I wouldn't fuss too much about what I would wear whilst exercising but now, with so many options, I have been adding some nice pieces of activewear to my wardrobe. 

I must admit, I tend to wear my nicer activewear when I am not exercising but more on the days I feel like dressing down, like the weekends and definitely on the days  I am running around after my little one -firstly, because comfort is my priority and secondly, because I am moving around a lot and often outdoors. 

When it comes to activewear, I always pick pieces which reflect my personal style and love a great fitting pair of tights with unique panelling, a nice print or and edge of detail.

Like this black and white ensemble from prettylittlething as the pants are definitely street-worthy because of the detailing but also the fabric choice. They can be dressed up with a leather jacket or a cool sneaker or even a sporty sandal. 

The crop top is fun but normally I prefer to wear it under a mesh tee or an oversized singlet. I am also excited to wear it to the beach as a swimmer top as I absolutely love the back detailing.


Channelling my inner Ariana Grande right here! I have been working really hard at the gym and walking everyday. I finally feel like I can push my activewear choices and experiment a little. I have admired these types of styles worn by Kim Kardashian and Ariana. So my thinking is why not?! Especially if you can layer them!!

I'm so in love with this unitard from prettylittlething! In the future I will be layering it with baggy t-shirts or in winter a jumper and #slay. This detailed panelling is hitting me in all the right places giving me more of a waist. I actually wear this visor when I walk everyday - gotta keep those rays off my face.

If I'm catching up with the girls for a quick coffee, I could throw a leather jacket over it and BAM - some serious 'coffee drinking' attire.


We all know I am a fan of activewear and athleisure and I it’s not secret I love hitting the gym. My usual routines are split between, weights, boxing and HIIT workouts. However, motivation to train isn’t always there. So how do I stay motivated? One tip is to have a training buddy, another option as silly as it sounds is a new gym outfit. Yes,  I am one of those girls, but hey I embrace it and it makes me feel good so don’t judge.

While I normally train in tights I do opt for trackies on upper body weight days (shorts and me just don't work). These mesh trackies from prettylittlething caught my eye because I could see myself wearing them beyond the gym and casually.

In all aspects of my wardrobe I look for versatility and items that align with my personal style. The same goes with these crops. I’ve layered two crops to give the outfit a more punchier look. In terms of bust support it also makes sense.  I could also easily wear each of these crops under a mesh singlet for either the gym or a social outing. 

I will admit my life is also a little bit crazy. Working full time, running the blog, shooting for photography gigs and  attending social events, I tend to be a bit spontaneous with my movements.  That’s why I love this look. If I decided last minute to can the gym and go to an event instead, I simply have to change my shoes, add a leather jacket (or bomber) and a clutch and I am good to go.

What I love about today's fashion is that it gives use an opportunity to express yourself. Gym outfits today aren't a black set of tights with a basic tee anymore. We have so much more creativity.  

TFV xox
Words and photography by @wearefoundau @sofiapolakstyle @thestatementlife

Thanks to prettylittlething for spoiling us with these awesome looks!

How about you? Is acitvewear your thing?
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