Tuesday, 14 January 2020

What to wear to brunch: The girly, summer dress

What screams summer?

Dresses do! 

No surprises here, bold florals and bright coloured dresses.

This blog post will inspire your style for the next brunch date with the girls.
With Canberra temperatures reaching 40 degrees and getting as-low-as 16 degrees. We need all the (free aircon and a variety of light layers) we can get!

Lately I have been looking for dresses that have special details.
Cut outs, sheer sleeves (to help protect you from the sun) and ruffle details. 

As you will be meeting with the girls. Go girly. They will appreciate the effort and admire the pretty eye candy...

This one if from Ally, you could easily mistake it for a Talullah Maison dress, am I right?! I find so many gems at Ally!
You don’t need to put too much thought in to styling it (as it already has the cut-out details).

But if you’re thinking of taking it to the next level (loose the thigh highs) AND ‘level up’ with tan wedges and a wicker straw hat.

It's the ultimate summer combo!
If you’re looking for tan wedges, check out sandals from the new Seed store and Jo Mercer. Have you checked out the new Seed store yet?!

|| Outfit details || 

Muse, words and styling by @thestatementlife
Photography DJ @wearefoundau

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Friday, 22 November 2019

Dress your best this festive season

Put your hand up if you have a zillion events this festive season?! Yep, I feel you. I literally have something on each week leading up to Christmas. Dinners, birthdays and of course Christmas parties.

It's always so busy around this time of year so each year, I like to add one or two dresses to my wardrobe in preparation for the festivities.

Even though I love dressing for events, I still make sure my yearly additions are classic or versatile enough to be able to wear them for a) several occasions b) day and night or c) throughout the different seasons.

This gorgeous dress from Cue Canberra Outlet caught my eye because of its Japanese inspired floral print. The asymmetrical zip design makes it a little different (and super flattering!) and the longer sleeve makes it versatile enough to be worn during the day or even for work.

To dress it up, I teamed it up with gold accessories and a bright red lip. For day, I would team it up with a pair of neutral pointy flats or black strappy sandals and a crossbody bag.

Style tip: A metallic box clutch glams up any outfit and makes it super easy to switch up your work dress from day to event-ready! 

Sequence never goes out of style and unless your sequences are falling off your garment DO NOT ever part with it - trust me, I have made this mistake before.

There is nothing you wear that will make you feel more festive than a sparkly sequenced dress.

This 3/4 sleeved shift dress from Cue Canberra Outlet was love at first sight. I love the shape because it gives the dress a retro feel yet the style is still so modern and chic and hello colour!

I like that it's roomy so no matter how much eating and drinking is ahead, you know it'll still be super comfy at the end of the night and sparkly enough to take you to the dance floor.

The dress alone makes a statement, so all it needed was a pair of black pumps and a red lip.

If you are going for more of a retro look, these super cute sunnies would be the perfect accessory.

Both dresses are from CUE Canberra Outlet

How about you? What are your festive styling tips?

Words and styling @sofiapolakstyle

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Friday, 25 October 2019

NYC styling survival tips

New York City. It’s the city that never sleeps. It’s also the city that has seen a dramatic increase in my average daily steps to about 12,000.

While exploring the city, trekking to my daily food safaris and bar hoping there are endless stairs and paths.

That’s why when I packed for this trip shoe choice was everything! I also had to be very strategic with my clothing too.  My basic styling survival kit for this trip was the following items.

1. Leather jacket
2. Black camisole
3. Basic black ‘flat’ booties
4. Heeled neutral boot
5.     Bum bag
6. Army pants

Why these items? I knew I would be dealing with the change of season so the leather jacket is a no brainer! It goes with just about all of my outfits and I find leather really warm too.

The black camisole I scored from Parliament Clothing on sale (winning). This style of top is one that every woman own (black and white are usually great foundations for your wardrobe). It's a style that I can wear casually with army pants as shot here, or I can take it up a notch with a pencil skirt and heels. Camis are also great with jeans and some flat boots.

The booties, well I naturally went to Jo Mercer. I’ve recently found a love for this brand. Their leather is amazingly soft AND unlike brands I used to favour their heel height isn’t crazy.

Long gone are the days where I could trudge around in 10cm + heels. These days I prefer flats or very low heel heights.

My two choices from Jo Mercer were these nude heeled ankle boots called Tate. I loved them first of all for comfort and then the neutral colour. Versatility is key! However, please remember for light leathers ladies please be sure to water and spray protector them before wearing.

My black booties are also from Jo Mercer. These are my “flats”. Yes I am aware that it has slight heel but completely flat boots hurt my back. A small block heel suits me better.  Boots like these are perfect for denims, baggy pants, skirts and slip dress combos.

The bum bag has become a surprising versatile piece in my repertoire here in NYC. I use it to go to the gym and pretty much everyday while I am out and about. I like the fact that it is close on my body and leaves my hands free.

My last NYC survival piece is my vintage army pants. I LOVE these. I wear them with heels, and sneakers. Essentially my go to item on this trip

All of these items intersect with the rest of my suitcase. That’s what I love about them! What are you go to items when you travel?

|| Outfit breakdown ||
Leather jacket: Target (years ago) 
Cami: Parliament Clothing Canberra Outlet 
Pants: Vintage Salvos 
Boots: Both booth black and nude Jo Mercer Canberra Outlet 
Bum bag: TK Maxx 

Photography: Patina N Inthavong


Thursday, 24 October 2019

How to wear white pants without anxiety

Does the thought of wearing white pants give you anxiety? You’re not alone. As a self-professed mess, the thought of white pants causes me to hyper ventilate. I am a walking magnet for food stains at the best of times. However, I think it’s worth the risk.

For me white is a marker that winter is over and it’s time to embrace the warmer weather.
While I can’t help you from spilling your morning latte, I can provide you with some practical tips for white pants.

  1. Cut is everything. When buying white pants don’t rush the process. Take the time to try on different styles to find what suits your body shape and lifestyle. It’s not as forgiving as black pants so invest the time. 
  2. Fabric choice. Do walk out of the change room and check out the pants in the store’s mirror and different light. While you can expect some transparency with white you don’t want to be feeling like the star of “Emperor’s New Clothes”.
  3. Nude underwear. Unless you are channelling a 90s pop star look avoid coloured g-strings. Nude is your best friend. If G’s aren’t your thing opt for some seamless briefs in nude. 
  4. Shoe choice. Nude, metallics or colour pop shoes. Wear white pants with nude or metallic shoes to further elongate your legs. If you want to add some umph colours or prints work well too. While it isn’t a hard rule I generally don’t wear black shoes with white pants. (Take this with a grain of salt as with any rule it can be broken). 
  5. White on white.  Wearing a monochromatic white looks amazing. It is a simple and effortlessly elegant. 
  6. Eat with caution! Avoid any dates with the following foods, spaghetti, red wine, and condiments. 

Oh hell scrap the last rule, enjoy life and life on the edge a little. Girl order that Marinara pasta!

Shirt: Forcast Clothing - Canberra Outlet 
Pants: Forcast Clothing - Canberra Outlet 
Bum Bag: TK Maxx - Canberra Outlet 
Shoes: Stylists own 

Photography: Shot by Sofia Polak, edits @wearefoundau

What's your favourite colour combo with white?


Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Sustainability series #2 - shopping for new items

Sustainability is seriously trending right now. We are becoming more conscious and aware as a society and it is SO great to see! With all of the climate talks, with all of the focus on reducing carbon emissions, on recycling and composting, on savings our oceans, and we are all able to contribute to this, no matter how small of a difference we think we make, it all counts!

In the last post, we looked at our existing wardrobes. But what if there are things you need that you don’t already have? It’s not about depriving yourself from buying what you need but becoming more aware of the options you have.

I used to never like second-hand items – It was only in the last few years that I ventured into this space as I learned more about fast fashion and sustainability more generally.

OK – so there are some seriously great finds at op shops. Sometimes the items haven’t even been worn. My op shop (opportunity shop) of choice is the Red Cross Shop!

Let’s start with outerwear – I love jackets and trenches and was looking for one to take me from Winter into Spring/Summer. I found this beauty in the Red Cross Shop in the City in Canberra.

Outfit details | trench, belt and pants: Red Cross Shops, clutch: The Daily Edited

Photographer | Deejay Jukic

Some tips for op-shopping

1  Check if details or accessories are missing. Was it supposed to come with a belt? Is there a button missing? Check the item of clothing properly before deciding to buy.

     Always try it on! This will let you see and feel it on your body! 

     Check for holes and tears – sometimes there are tears in clothing that you may not notice at first glance.

The items don’t have to be perfect. Most things can be easily altered by a tailor! In most cases, you will still end up saving buying from an op shop, even when you need to get something altered!

Outfit details | trench, belt and pants: Red Cross Shops, clutch: The Daily Edited

Photographer | Deejay Jukic

This trench was $27 – such a bargain! It was still in very good shape, I didn’t love the buttons but I had them swapped out by a tailor. Super easy! It was also missing its belt, also OK with me! I can wear it without a belt or find another belt for it!

It’s great for our environment to not buy new. But by shopping at the Red Cross Shop, your money will go to helping the Australian Red Cross support its work helping vulnerable communities across Australia and our region.

In the next post, I'll share how I styled an entire work outfit from the Red Cross Shop! 

Have you shopped at the Red Cross Shops before?

Want to shop where I shopped?
Red Cross Shop, 165 City Walk, Canberra 2600

Opening hours
Monday 9:30 -5:30
Tuesday 9:30 -5:30
Wednesday 9:30 -5:30
Thursday 9:30 -5:30
Friday 9:30-7:00
Saturday 10:00-5:00
Sunday 11:00-4:00


Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Day to night - the wide leg cullote

One of my fave style hacks is day-to-night dressing. I literally challenge myself every time I buy something new with the question of  whether 'I can I pair it back with a t-shirt for day' 'can I wear it with a pair of heels for night?'

Mastering the art of dressing day-to-night will help you get more out of your wardrobe and will make life easier for yourself. Just yesterday, I had to dress for a morning of shopping, an afternoon high-tea and a show at the Canberra Theatre. I wore a cute wrap dress with a leather jacket and white sneakers for the day and chucked my heels in my bag to change into for the theatre.

It will make your life easier! Trust me and once you master this style hack, you will always be hunting for those perfect pieces that will give you that versatility in your wardrobe.

This pair of floral culotte pants from Veronika Maine from Cue Canberra Outlet is the perfect candidate for day-to-night!

Firstly, they are super comfortable and lightweight and don't wrinkle, so they can last you a whole day and night regardless of how many times you are jumping in and out of your car (trust me, this was me yesterday!). Even though they are dressy, they work perfectly paired back with this white t-shirt from Cotton On Canberra Outlet and even though I am wearing them with a neutral heel, this look would totally work with a pair of white sneakers of a summer sandal.

Insert a cross-body straw bag or wide brim summer hat and you have a perfect look for a picnic, brunch with the girls or even a day of shopping.

For night, I teamed it up with this super cute cropped top, also from Veronika Maine Cue Canberra Outlet which is perfect for evening glam as it has a slight sheen. The clashing prints elevates this look and the red clutch picks up one of the colours from the floral print- adding a pop of colour and tying the whole look together.

Given the pants are quite wide, a cropped top gives the look the perfect balance especially for my stature, and a heel (for night) is a must-have!

What about you? Tell me your fave piece to dress up for day to night?

Words and styling @sofiapolakstye

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